Get rid of inflammation!

Over the course of 3 years I have suffered from chronic inflammation, chronic pain and inflammation-induced depression. I went to over 50 different doctors, took ridiculous amounts of different pills and slowly sunk into desperation and hopelessness, because not a single doctor was able to provide a diagnosis or any help.

There were only two options: Give up and suffer for the rest of my life, or use the last bit of my remaining energy to look for a cure myself. I have talked with many people suffering the same fate, have read tons of books, experimented with my own health (What was there left to lose? Nothing!) and tried out over 100 different supplements and healthy foods. Only 5 of them (Curcumin, Green Tea, Ginger, Colostrum and Probiotics) had lasting positive effects, but those five were enough to give me back my life.

I want to share my experiences and my knowledge, so that you might get your life and wellbeing back faster than I did.


You don’t have to suffer. You can fight, and you can win! I have been there!


You might find some affiliate links on this website, but rest assured that I will only recommend things that had a great impact on my own health, things that I strongly believe could also help you. I wasn’t able to work for a very long time. Being sick is a rather expensive state of being as you sadly might know, so these affiliate links aren’t there to earn a fortune, they are there so that I might have an easier time paying off my medical bills. If I recommend anything that you find cheaper (and in the same quality) elsewhere please let me know!


This website provides information for you if you:

  • Suffer from any kind of inflammation, especially chronic inflammation
  • Suffer from various skin conditions and found no solution yet
  • Doctors couldn’t help you and you are now looking for solutions on your own
  • Suffer from chronic pain or chronic fatigue
  • Feel depressed, but are convinced that it’s something physical, not mental
  • Want to boost your immune system and overall health
  • Are looking for more natural ways to cure yourself
  • Want information that doesn’t condemn mainstream medicine, but still provides alternative ways
  • Are tired of tons of useless information and hard to understand descriptions
  • Want information from someone who knows how much chronic inflammation can ruin your life, someone who is writing from experience, not theory.

This website is currently work in progress!

Some links are missing, and so is certain information.


What you will find:
Easy to understand explanations and simple suggestions that could really help you get your health and wellbeing back. No wasted time, no filler, just practical advice to hopefully end your suffering.

I have written everything from personal experience and you’ll find links to various ressources and studies that back it up if you want to read about details and have some scientific proof.

What you won’t find:
Tons of medical terms that no one understands anyway. I don’t want you to have to study medicine just to be able to help yourself. I give my best to provide you with the knowledge you need. You don’t have to waste dozens of hours looking across the whole world wide web to collect every bit of information you need. I will save you this trouble. Everything I recommend on this website is personally tested and written from personal experience. I won’t recommend what I haven’t tried! And believe me, in 3 years of chronic pain and systemic inflammation you try a lot.

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